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Information about the handling of feedback and different viewpoints within Kalix education system.

Improvement proposals, complaints, points of view and praise within the activities of The Education Committee in Kalix Municipality

The Education Committee has decided to introduce routines for handling improvement proposals, points of view and praise within the activities of the committee in compliance with the Education Act 2010:800 chapter 4 § 8 and other pedagogical activity in compliance with the Education Act chapter 25 § 8.

Purpose of the routines

The purpose is to obtain basic data in order to improve our activity and to provide better opportunities for citizens to have a say. Sometimes it can also be about clearly explaining our mission and its boundaries and making politicians aware of issues where there is a public demand for change.
Most of the issues that can arise between citizens and those responsible in our activities should be possible to resolve in conversations, to sort out misunderstandings or correct mistakes. Sometimes, though, you cannot agree on how to interpret the rules at hand or there might be a discontent with the rules themselves. With clear rules on how to handle proposals, complaints and praise the politicians will have a better understanding of which topics that are engaging the citizens.
The citizens will know at all times how we handle proposals, complaints and praise. Anyone leaving a written proposal, complaint or praise will receive an answer within ten days.
Administration will be handled by The Childcare- and Education Department.
As a guardian or a pupil you have a right to leave complaints, points of view or praise regarding the activity. Primarily, you should turn to the staff closest to you or your child. In case you are not happy with the response, you should then turn to the school- or preschool head.
If you do not think that the school- or preschool head can solve a problem, you can have your say via the Municipality complaints handling. Your point of view will then be investigated by the Education Department and will also be communicated to the members of the committee. You are entitled to a swift response from the department. However, response time can vary depending on the issue. Please note that both your point of view and the response will become public documents that anyone may request to read if said documents are not subject to secrecy.